Jazz Gravity-Formed Fused Glass Hand-Made Vessel


Jazz Gravity Formed Vessel

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“Jazz!”, a melee of vibrant colours Gravity-Formed Hand-Made Vessel.

As the name implies, gravity-formed vessels are created by slumping the multi-layered glass in the kiln. It is a time-consuming and expensive process that results in unique patterning. The process is a complex labour-intensive effort and a minimum of two kiln firings are required for the 4 (typically) sheets of art glass. Each vessel is different to any other.

This colourful vessel stands 9.2 cm tall with a diameter of 115 cm

These vessels are not vases, and it is recommended to NOT use them as such, but to place it on a surface for you and your friends to admire.

This colourful vessel will give a colourful addition to any room in your home.

Ideal as a gift or as a wonderful treat for your own home!


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