About Glazed Expression’s Artist – Janice

Hand-made Fused Glass Art

Unique Art, for home, office, and any occasion

About the Artist – Janice

Hi, I create fused glass art, from large statement pieces to small furniture-top items

I find inspiration in the beautiful county of Shropshire, with its ancient hills, prehistoric remains – including a stone circle, and fertile farmland.

As I have developed, so has my work, and I find my self moving more to the abstract as I try to find new ways of using the medium.

Ideal for special occasions and your special people, my works span many tastes. I welcome commissions!

Unique Fused Glass Art

Galleries, Exhibitions, & Purchasing

My work has been sold internationally as well as in leading local galleries. Some is also currently available in Number 61 Gallery in Mardol, Shrewsbury.

About this shop

Until November 2023 the shop only used ETSY. Now the shop is securely hosted in the UK and uses WooCommerce and Stripe for purchasing.

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